Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fast Moving

This morning, the clouds were moving along pretty quickly.  I had to take a video of how fast they were actually moving.  It was a warm day again today, but cloudy.  The fall weather starts this weekend.  It is not supposed to get above the 50s.  

Sirocco is coming home this weekend.  It will be nice to have him back home.  It is so much easier to spend the time with him when he is here and not someplace else.  But Brian is just a phone call away and he said if I have any problems he will come over and help.  I just need to let Sirocco who is the alpha in the bunch!  ME

I spent some of the last couple of days cutting off the leaves of the Iris's and the Hostas.  Getting ready for the winter months.  Lots of clean up left, but it will get done!  I have been trying to get the table runners that I finished done.  I have the sewing all done, now it is just getting the ironing done.   I will take pictures and put them up for sale on the website.  I will also, post them so you can see how they look.

Hope you are having a good week.

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Shirley said...

Oh that will be great to get your horse back! I hope you get to do some winter riding on him.