Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This, of course, is not a picture of winter.  I just thought that I would give most of us a long look at what we are leaving behind for a few months.   I don't know what is worse sometimes, the snow and ice or the rain and mud.  We all have our favorite seasons.   I usually hate contending with the snow, but for some reason, I am actually looking forward to seeing the snow.  I just wish it would of waited another month or so.  I am beginning to really appreciate every season we do have.  I believe that they all have their good points and their bad.   I think it comes down to that if you know how to live with all the seasons you are much better off.   I am just glad that we get all of them.  Not everyone gets to experience all the seasons.

Everything around here is pretty much changing.   We have actually gotten further this year in getting ready for the snowy season than previous years.  The guys have been working hard at getting the things put away.   Now if I can get the hubby to keep all the equipment out of the front yards next year,  I will be very happy.   Here I am already thinking of next year.

Hope you are happy and healthy!


Shirley said...

I like winter to hold off until it actually is winter- December! No snow here yet, but it's in the forecast for Friday. Sometimes it hits the surrounding mountains but doesn't get to us down on the flats of the valley. I can only hope!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am tired of winter already. Tomorrow the wind it to howl again... I enjoy all the seasons too I just want less of a certain one that came early. We had such a beautiful October I guess this is payback. Hope you don't get all that snow that is forecast for NY :)

Terry and Linda said...

Like Connie I'm tired of winter already. Sucks. And the corn won't dry down...we don't get paid until the crop is sold............grrrr