Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bird Watching

I set the camera up in front of the window.  I put the camera on my tripod.  Now all I need to do is sit and be patient and hopefully one of the cardinals will come to the feeder!

Hope you have a great weekend.


threecollie said...

Lovely shots!

A. Montgomery said...

Great pictures Lisa! Love the wild canaries...goldfinches. I miss feeding the birds and having them outside the window, but it draws rodents, which we don't need.
Love, Mom

Shirley said...

We have lots of goldfinches, they are aggressive little rascals that don't like other bird species at "their" feeders. The Collared Eurasian Doves manage to get in there for some seed because they are much bigger, and the blackbirds too when they are here, but the other little song birds don't stand a chance.