Sunday, January 4, 2015

He's Right!

He was right this time, the weather man!  We sure did get the snow, sleet and rain last night.  I had fun trying to walk to the barn this morning to do chores.   I think it took me around 3 minutes instead of just one, to make it out to the barn!  I tip toed all the way.  I was even able to take a few pictures on the way.  

We have had rain, snow and sleet this year and a lot more warmer weather than cold.  The poor horses have been slugging through mud pot holes, that thaw, then will freeze, then thaw.   They are having to walk in a mine field most of the time.  We are supposed to have a cold snap for the next week, so far.  The horses will really have a hard time in the mine field then.  We are actually supposed to make it down in the single digits at night and a high of 17, by Thursday.  

It will be nice to have a week that requires no travel, baking and shopping!  I get to stay home and hopefully get some things done around the farm.  I hope to start on my New Years resolutions!  I want to lose around 20 or 25 lbs. (hopefully more).  Get a whole lot more horse riding time in.  Get lots more weaving done.  I hope to get my number one thing done on my bucket list and that is take Sirocco to a horse clinic.  

I think I better narrow that list down to one thing and work my way up from there, and that is lose some weight!

Hope you have a wonderful day.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sound like you got a mixed bag of weather. Ack weight loss that is one tough thing to do...I wish you much luck !! :)

Terry and Linda said...

Look at all that lovely WET snow! Ours has been rather dry here. Wet is the best kind!