Thursday, January 15, 2015


I would not of wanted to be the chicken that laid this egg!

Went today and picked my ring up from the jeweler, because I had it made bigger.  I go get my hair done and get home to notice that it is missing a small diamond on the side!  Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.   I trust this jeweler, so I am sure they will make it right with no problems.

Was a reasonable nice day.  The sun was shining and no wind.  So, even though it was only in the twenties it wasn't too bad of a day.

Have a great evening.


Far Side of Fifty said...

A meal in an egg! I hope you get the ring problem solved. I put away my "good" rings I lost a diamond once out of the setting and I was distraught for years, finally got it replaced and haven't wore them since...if I did I would probably hold those suckers on with duct tape:)

Crystal said...

Wow thats quite the eggs! Poor chicken!
Hope you find your diamond, thats inda dissapointing to lose :(

Paintsmh said...

I have one hen that lays once a week (she will not be here after the Amish Auction in May) her eggs are that big and larger...Guess it is her way of making up for her overall less than stellar production...and temperament!

Shirley said...

Double yolker for sure!

Terry and Linda said...

That is horrible...I hope you called them right away! AND THEY were very sorry! That is something I'm always afraid of...losing the diamond!