Wednesday, January 7, 2015


If you click on the picture, you will get a better view.  I have it finally ready to start doing some weaving on it.  I think the white will be fine for this blanket.  I did put enough on the loom to do a couple of throws.  I am thinking about seeing if I can buy some yarn that is a little heavier in a different yarn.  This yarn I am using is a cotton that the fiber isn't twisted together has most yarns are.  I am thinking of trying to get a really soft wool yarn.  Like worsted.  We shall see.

The winds have picked up and the temps have dropped.  We started at 10 degrees with no wind this morning.  We are now at -2 with wind chills that make it feel a whole lot colder!  The first time this year that we have been below 0.  Oh why does the wind blow when it decides to get cold?!  Now it feels like winter.  Our old house sure makes it hard to keep warm.

I did book work today.  I bought quickbooks to try to keep my business stuff in order and I seem to not be able to get the hang of using it.  So, I bought the student handbook that shows you how to navigate and use the software.   Hopefully by the time I get through the book I will understand a little more.

Not much else going on at the farm this week.  Trying to stay warm and get some work done around the farm and the weaving.

Take care and stay warm!


threecollie said...

I use Quickbooks too. Takes a while...yesterday I had to find some numbers on how much milk we sold over 13 years. Eventually I got it. lol Blanket is going to be amazing. You are so talented!!

A. Montgomery said...

Love you. keep trying. It will come. Love the blanket. I'm sure your Dad will too.
So far we are warm.
Love, Mom

Terry and Linda said...

I love those colors! You are so very talented!