Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Puppy Power

Sara is settling into her new home.  She is such a great pup.  We take her outside and she does her business.  She still makes mistakes in the house and in her crate at night, but she is only 8 weeks old.  We love her to pieces, the other dogs are still getting used to her.  RJ barks at her to let her know that, he is not to be messed with!  Jake just ignores her, and the cats will run away and hiss at her.  Poor thing just can't make any friends.

Raining today, and the snow is melting fast.  We can now see the brown grass and the mud!  Oh ya, winter is leaving, and spring thaw with mud season is here full force!  Not to say we are done with the snow.  We have seen snow in May before.

Still working on the shawls, hopefully before the week is out, they will be done.  I will be excited to see them off the loom and finished.

Hope you are having a great week.  Happy St. Patricks day.Image result for images of st patrick's clover


Far Side of Fifty said...

I love puppies! Be sure to take her out to see lots of people and lots of noisy places! I would love a puppy BUT we are getting too old for another dog. Sounds like she is on her way to being a good house dog, that potty training takes time and patience:)

A. Montgomery said...

The luck of the Irish and Happy St. Patricks day to you too! Love, Mom

Terry and Linda said...

That puppy is darling, makes me want one, two or even three. But I guess I'll just stick with Boomer!

Linda ★★