Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The garden is doing well, but we need a little more heat for the peppers.  We have a space in the garden for more plants.  I think I will get more broccoli and maybe a few more tomato plants.  We shall see.  I am going to get some flowers for the patio area that we are redoing.  I am going to maybe even buy some gold fish to put in the temporary pond.

I am going to go get washed river rock sometime this week and maybe some blue stone and finally work on finishing the patio area.  I don't have the hubby to help, so I guess I will have to do the work on my own.  Anyone want to come on over and work with me?  :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week.  Hump day is here!


Paintsmh said...

Call your nephew in law (Jade), you could probably enlist him for at least a bit possibly this Saturday. Sunday we are booked like crazy people.

Crystal said...

Nice garden, I have an issue with thistle in the garden this year, dont know how to get rid of it without spraying so I will just keep hoeing them under until fall and the veggies are all out of there

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like a great garden spot! You have had a busy summer already:)