Friday, June 19, 2015

Look at those Peepers

The son was taking down the strawberries so that I could pick them, and low and behold, he sees this little guy.  We don't get to see the peepers, but the son just happened to be lucky and get a hold of this one.

This weekend will be a full weekend.    The hubby will be home in less than a half hour.  Then we will be off to get some blue stone to finish my patio.  Then he will have to go to the Chiropractors.  Tomorrow hopefully we will be putting down the blue stone.  Sunday is Father's day, and it won't be an easy day for me, but I do wish all you father's out there a wonderful, happy day!

Have a great weekend.


Crystal said...

How unusual. Sounds busy but will be nice to have hubby home for Fathers Day

Shirley said...