Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Catching fish (what fish!)

Boy, it has been a while since I have blogged.  Did you miss me?  Illinois was great; it was great to see my family.  I don't realize how much I actually miss them, until I go back.  It makes it very hard to leave sometimes.  The Jimmy Buffet concert was a blast.  I do prefer my country music, but I like all different kinds of music.  (NOT RAP, YUCK)   My mom had shoulder surgery, so it was nice to be able to see her in the hospital, then be able to help out a little when she went home.

We took the pontoon boat out this past Sunday and went fishing.  The son was the only one that caught any fish, a bullhead, and a fall fish.  Nothing to really brag home about.  The fishing was horrible.  That means that next week at the lake will be a boring week.  (NO FISH)  We will still try.  We did get to see a Loon sitting on her nest.  That was a pretty nice treat.  I love the sound that they make, and they are a beautiful bird.

Today is going to consist of picking strawberries and blackberries.  Then, it is out to the garden to pick the weeds that have taken over!  Then, it will be packing some more for the week at the lake.  So much to do, and little time to do it in.  Hope you have a great week.


Far Side of Fifty said...

A Loon on a nest! I hope she raised some young! You have a great vacation at the lake...yes I missed you while you were away. :)

Terry and Linda said...


A Loon nest...how cool is that!


Terra said...

I have always thought pontoon boats must be fun, even just riding around on them. Maybe your fishing will pick up.

A. Montgomery said...

I am looking forward to a very quiet week at the lake. I don't know what to pack, even with Marianne's list. We wont be too far away so I can always come home and get whatever I forget.
Love Mom