Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Just the Beginning!

Well the guys are well, on their way to having a real hobby!  They now have four engines.  Next is getting a trailer to haul the engines to shows, then it will be a camper to spend weekends at shows.  The son and hubby love to mess with them.  I will be taking my little loom and weaving while they play.  I have a feeling next year will be a busy summer.

The hubby is home for the week.  He says he will get lots of things that need to get done, done.  There is a lot to do that is not going to get done in one week.  Then it will be back to work and not close to home. (so far)  He will be going to W. Virginia for a couple of weeks. (me too)

We had a bad storm last night.  Our little town got hit pretty good.  Lots of trees down and we lost power for a few hours.   I lost my washing machine.  I do have someone coming to look at it tomorrow and hopefully it can be fixed.  If not, I will be buying a new or if possible a used one.  

Hope you are having a good week so far.


Terra said...

That sounds like a nice hobby for your guys and you accompanying them with your loom sounds like fun. I hope the repairman can fix your washing machine.

A. Montgomery said...

I too hope you can get your machine fixed. We had a nice time at your house Sunday. I love your gazebo. It is very pleasant to sit there and enjoy the breeze and watch the hummingbirds.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Steam Engines is a great hobby, I bet at some of the "shows" or meets you could set up your weaving too. Hope you get a new or used washer...I really rely on mine I would miss it and hate going to the laundrymat:(