Thursday, August 13, 2015

Love those sunsets!

I am going to put in a landscape photo into the fair.  This is just one of the pictures I am thinking of putting in.  I have so many landscape pictures that it will be a hard choice to decide.  I kind of like the ones I also took at the Watkins Glen State Park.

Yesterday was a day of weaving and going to the chiropractor; then did my favorite thing to do,  shopping (NOT)!  Today is another day of doing running, then hopefully getting in the barn to do some more weaving.  I sold one of my knew shawls, and a scarf!  I have another scarf that is sold, but still have to get it woven.  Seems like I get something woven to up my inventory, then someone wants to buy it.  That is great, I would rather sell than let it sit on a shelf!

Hope you are having a great week.  It has been a pretty good week for me, so far!

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A. Montgomery said...

We didn't get to see the new shawls. Pictures please.