Friday, September 18, 2015


This is a day of ranting!  Do you ever wonder why we bother even trying to keep our houses clean?  I keep telling myself that if the rest of the family doesn't care if the house is clean, why should I?   I have two ADULT children living with us and their excuses are that they work, if I TELL them what I needs done; they will do it.  (I think I need to start putting a note on the counter)  I don't want to throw my kids out but maybe its time to start taking some money instead!  (maybe that will change things?) I keep trying to get myself not to worry about the house, that we are the ones that have to live with it.  That is fine, as long as no one invites people to my house! (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN)  I guess I am just too darn picky!  They keep saying, that life is too short to worry about how your house looks.  I really try going by that statement, but it just doesn't work.  I want a house that has a place for everything I have. (which doesn't include the floor!)  I usually don't worry too much until the hubby tells me he has invited someone from work up for the weekend or a day. (then it's a mad dash to clean the house) I try not to worry all the much about how the house looks or the outside. Then like the last couple of days, I have just been in one of those funks where I just want to rent a dumpster and start throwing.   I could really start talking about the outside but if I do, I think I will be in tears by the time this post is done.    I am blowing all this probably way out of proportion, but it feels better to rant once in awhile.  I could make all this better if I wanted to do all the work myself and pay someone to build things for me. (just to damn expensive and I would be working from sunup to sundown for the next millennium!)  BOY! do I feel better now, that I got that off my chest :=)

I apologize for the complaining,  I really do have a wonderful family and a wonderful husband, that works his butt off to give us all what we do have!   I guess the older I get the less I like the clutter and mess.  I guess I went years with the miss matched furniture and the second hand junk that it would really be nice to walk into a house that was a little bit better put together.

I sure hope your day started better than mine!


threecollie said...

Lisa, I feel your pain. And your house is always a million times nicer than ours. lol I often feel as if all I do is pick up and clean after others and then do it again the next day and sometimes I rant too. Hang in there....we love you!

Terry and Linda said...

I've gotten so I don't even look at the inside anymore...sigh!


Terra said...

It sounds hard to have 4 adults with different ideas about house cleaning living in one house. I don't care much about house cleaning, just do the basic stuff, but to each our own.

A. Montgomery said...

Poor Lisa. As you know, I never learned how to house clean and we live with all the clutter. Most of it is treasures, but Roger is getting ready to start clearing the aisles. He wants to paint the bedroom too. I can't picture that. His entire collection, no most of his collection of Robert Burns books is in the bedroom, as well as another bookcase full of various books including the Bible. My dolls are there. The teddy bears the grand-kids have given me are there. The TV is there. All are covered with dust. I hate dust, but it does accumulate.
Love you

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lisa you are the captain of the ship or the Queen of your house. If the kids don't have time to help or at least to clean their rooms and help in the bathrooms and kitchens then I would ask for X amount per month for cleaning. Then you can do it or hire a cleaning lady! Either way you end up happy...well happier than feeling all alone doing the jobs of four people:) I know first hand it is hard to keep a house clean especially if you have a dog...then there was the time that our daughter and husband and three grandaughters and two dogs and a cat came to live with us...nearly drove me retrospect it did me more harm than good to try to keep up...I should have stood my ground when the cleaning help wasn't happening.
Good Luck and hang in there!

Crystal said...

I feel for you too, I am far from the neatest person on this planet, but I hate when there is a mess and noone cleans it, my hubby is real bad for spilling coffee and pretending he didn't notice until I say. Its annoys me to no end.

ellie k said...

The two kids need to pay a house cleaner to come in once a week. I know though it just takes a few days of not picking up and there Is a mess. I just lost my husband after a 6 month illness and am trying to get things back in order but you know the things I thought were important are just a blur, would trade the messy house to have my husband back and healthy. But the mess would still get to me I think.