Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Doggie world

No pictures today, the computer ports on my laptop seem to not work half the time.   I do most of my work on my laptop.  It is so frustrating when you want to do things then the computer seems to like acting up.

I guess this picture did save to my pictures on the computer, so Sara it is.  She is doing great at her obedience classes.  She has been doing not to bad at home either.  Hopefully with a little more time she will be a pro at listening.   She sits really well, needs a little more work on the stay, but not to bad.  The down needs lots of work, she heels really well.  We have to work on the come and stay when she gets distracted with other animals (like cats)!

I have the new warp for the next set of scarves on the loom and I am all ready to start weaving.  I will probably do a little bit yet tonight.   I think the blue ones are going to be just beautiful, but I do happen to like blue.

Annie seems to have a sore foot again, I don't know if it is an abscess or something more, hopefully I get the farrier out within the next couple of days.  Been putting stuff on it and taping her up with duct tape, being as any kind of boot, I try putting on her hoof, never seems to stay on!

Hope you are having a great week.

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Terry and Linda said...

Love your weaving! And the dog photo is just plain cute. I hope your hoof situation gets better fast!