Friday, December 4, 2015

Books galore!

We had just two book shelves that were up against the wall, the hubby and son made a couple more.  We now have all our books on shelves and no more on the floor.  We had books stacked in front of the other book shelves and stacked on top of desks and now they are all in the book cases.  The hubby has been laid off the last couple of weeks and has been working his butt off to get the honey do list done!  It has been great.  I added a new thing now, a new desk.  (he volunteered)

I bought a new gun last week.  I bought aRuger, 380 pistol that is pink and black camo!  It fits nice in my back pocket.  I figured with all the nasty things that have been going on in our country, I want something that is easy to carry and not get noticed.  I want to be able to protect myself.  Here in this lovely state of NY (NOT) my carry concealed permit has restrictions on it and I finally sent a letter to the county judge to ask to have the restrictions taken off.  No guarantees that he will grant it.  I did let him know that the hubby is gone five days of the week and sometimes even weeks on end, and I would like to be able to protect myself.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Linda Pierson said...

I had a big bookcase made a couple years thing I could have done. I need another one now but at least I can find what I'm looking for. I envy you being able to pack a way up here we can do that unless it's just to go to a gun range.

A. Montgomery said...

I love your new bookcases! What a wonderful Christmas present for you that is. If you don't have them full, we can help. Love Mom

Terra said...

I like the look of all your new bookcases, and bless your heart for being able to defend yourself. That means you can defend others too. Sad to see the Islamic terrorists strike again in the USA, in San Bernardino.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have my concealed carry permit too and probably the same gun:) I have a red trigger:) As far as I know in MN they don't want you to carry in the bank or the casinos... Yes it is getting scary out there. Recently MN got reciprocity with North Dakota. In this area Meth is a big thing and almost nothing will stop them. I don't know why they cannot keep them in jail:(
I like your double sided bookcasea...good job! :)

Crystal said...

Love those bookcases I need to build myself a few more, luckily we got a couple spare rooms :)
I wish I could carry a gun too, so far have not had a need for one but I sure would like to be prepared, you never know what is going on in this crazy world anymore