Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cold still

The wind is still howling and still getting some snow flurries.  All the horses are staying in the shed together and trying to keep warm.  It was only around 15 degrees today.  Brr

Went to the doctors and had to have a physical.   It has been almost a couple of years.  I have to have the normal mammogram done (squish), and I turned 50 last year and they want me to have a colonoscopy done (bathroom here I come), and I have had some pain in my knee when I put too much down pressure on it and so, I will have an MRI done of that when the insurance ok's it, and last but not least, I told the doc that a couple of times that I over exerted myself (like running up stairs) I got a slight tightening in my chest, not bad and just a couple of times, well then he proceeded doing an E.K.G and said that it wasn't bad but not normal and is sending me to a cardiologist.  I go see him Thursday.  Then next week is the other two appointments.  Oh, what fun!  NOT!

Have a great one.


Terra Hangen said...

Oh my, I hope the cardiologist gives you the A OK of health. As they say, aging ain't for sissies. I am older than you and know its true.

Crystal said...

Oh boy, just one simple medical turns into a whole pile of tests. Ugh. I haven't been to the doctor in 2 years, probly should but it seems to take forever to get in and then out.

Shirley said...

You're at that age when you can't take your health for granted. I hate getting mammograms! let alone colonoscopys. Hope it's all good.