Saturday, January 9, 2016


 Our 5,000 dollar motorhome.
 The couch and dinette slide out.
 The bedroom slides out, with his and her sinks, and medicine cabinets.
 The bathroom.
The driving quarters.

I have talked about our new motor home, but didn't get time to take pictures and blog it.  So, the story follows:

The guys went to look at engine parts, and the gentleman asked them if they wanted to buy a motor home, the hubby says, no not really.  So, they proceed to look at parts and then came home.  The hubby then proceeds to tell me, that the guy had a motor home for only 5,000 dollars.  I asked him if he was crazy for not at least looking at it.  Needless to say, we have been looking at campers for when we do engine shows, and had no luck.  I told him to give the guy a call back and we would go look at it.  It is a 2003, with less than 7,000 miles.  It hadn't been moved for 7 years, and hadn't run for 3.  The guys charged the batteries, then it started and it just purred.   We have had to put 1,500 dollars into it so far.  We still have to get the generator fixed and get new tires for it.  It is 36.8 feet long and it is going to eat gas.  BUT you can't beet 5,000, when it books at around 40,000 dollars.  We still have to get the inside set up, but you do that with most campers.   We are going to use it for a while and see how it goes, we will either keep it or trade it for something a little smaller.  For now, we will keep it and see how we like it.  We have never owned a camper before, so it will be an experience for us.  Nothing like having a home on wheels.

Have a great day.


threecollie said...

It looks really awesome. I'll bet you guys are going to have a lot of fun with it.

Terra said...

Congrats on your camper, I see fun travel ahead for you.

Terry and Linda said...

I wish we could find one. Then come winter, Boomer, the two cats, Terry and I could head SOUTH!

YAY for yoU!


Crystal said...

Very good deal! I'm not much of a camper but there are many times one would come in handy

Far Side of Fifty said...

Way to go! I bet you will really like it! It looks clean and comfy, and you can always trade it in. Gas prices are down so take advantage of the low prices! :)

Linda said...

I'd say you got a great deal. I'd like to have a camper or motor home but don't know how much use it would get.

Shirley said...

That's a really good deal. Once you use it a few time's you'll love it.