Monday, January 11, 2016


Yes, if I was a redneck, I would attach that skull to the front of our truck.  I am not quite that much of a redneck yet!  There actually is 2 skulls kicking around.  We haven't decided, yet where we are going to hang them.  For the faint of heart, you might not want to read the next sentence.  Those skulls are actually from the steers that we raised for beef.  We decided to keep the skulls of two because of the horns on them.

Cold today, and the ground has froze back up, after all the rain yesterday.  It is supposed to stay cold for a while now.  I am glad the ground is frozen again.  I hate having the rain and mud this time of year.

Not much going on, here on the farm.  I am doing sauerkraut, the last of the two crocks that we put up.  I still have lots of paper work to get done. I also, of course, have lots of weaving to do.

Hope you have a great day.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I had a beef skull once near a wagon wheel in my garden and the neighbors Molly dog kept sneaking in and carting it away! Sounds like you are a busy woman! :)

Crystal said...

Haha I dunno about a steer head on the hood, of course there is the longhorn limo and its really popular so maybe its a thing? I have a real cool deer skull I found with horns still on, still trying to find a home for it.

Shirley said...

There is a lady ere who carves skulls. She does filigree work on them- quite beautiful. I think she uses a dremel.