Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mother Nature

Just a week ago, this is what it looked like, now we are able to see the ground again.  We had some snow, sleet, and rain that day.  Now, we are supposed to get some snow tonight and then turn into freezing rain, sleet and then turn into all rain by Thursday.  They are actually predicting around 1 to 3 inches of rain.   Supposed to be close to 50 by Thursday and then going to the 30's before the night is over.  Oh, mother nature, what do you have in-store for us after this winter is over?  I hate to imagine what this spring and summer is going to be like!

Made a list today of the things that need to get done this summer, and told the hubby I have the list already for him.  He even added to it!  Hopefully we will get a good start and get most of it done before the fall season arrives.

I went to the tax man and he asked me if I would like to work part time as a payroll clerk, and I said heck yes!   I would love to get out among other people for a few days a week.  I love my animals, but they really are hard to start up a conversation with and keep it going ;)  I probably won't start or hear anything about the job until after tax season.

Hope you have a great evening.


Far Side of Fifty said...

WE got snow this morning too. I am getting tired of snow and winter.
Yeah for you you will be really busy after you go to work! Sounds like a perfect fit for you! :)

A. Montgomery said...

Great opportunity to use that degree you worked so hard for. Hope he comes up with something for you. Love, Mom