Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This is an old picture.

I was doing great with the lessons, then I had to fall and break my finger.  I was still doing lessons bareback, and I was finally getting the concept of riding with good balance.  We were doing some turns and going around and over obstacles.  That was the next step to getting the hang of staying on!  Bareback riding has been the best for me!

I find out Thursday how the finger is doing and when I can start getting the finger back in shape along with, when I can start riding again, and being able to do my normal day to day things without having to be extra careful!

We are getting a good start on getting things ready for winter, one load of logs is cut into pieces, just have to get it split.  The siding is on on the back porch.  NOW  all that is left is getting the snow blower ready, the front of the garage cleaned up, and another load of logs in, the furnace serviced,  and some fuel for back up if we need it!  I don't think we are ever ready for winter!


threecollie said...

Sorry you had to pause in your riding. You were doing so good! Take care

Shirley said...

Lots to do to prepare for winter isn't there. Since we are moving, we don't have all our winter wood in yet- but we have enough to last for a couple of months.
Hope you can resume riding before winter hits!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I bet you have to do some rehab with that finger. I hope you continue riding:)