Monday, May 14, 2018

LARGE trees!

Took a 6.5 hour drive to go see the Red Wood Trees in northern California.  I have never seen trees so large!  It was just awesome to be able to walk through them.   I had such a wonderful time going out to Washington and Oregon, along with California and spending the week with the hubby.  He missed coming home though.  He decided to stay out there and let me go see the sights.  He is only getting home every three weeks and that time it was 6 weeks before he got to come home.  Thanks to my wonderful husband, I got to see some wonderful country that I might not of been able to ever see!


Terry and Linda said...

My Mother saw those tree when she was a young girl...and talked about them for the rest of her life. They are stunning!

lisa said...

Linda, they sure were impressive!