Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, blogger is being a real pain!!!  It will not let me post pictures, it is telling me that I have used up all my space even though I have deleted and freed up more space.  So, for now I have no way to post pictures and I am not going to pay for more space.  I know for sure that I should have plenty.

I had a very hectic weekend, and I am glad to be back home now and this is the first full week at home that I will have without having to go to an outside job and boy do I have my week all planned out and lots to do.  Along with the weaving and playing with the horses! 

I will post pictures as soon as I can.  I have lots of different things to share with you all.   Hope you all have a great day.


threecollie said...

If you do find out that you are actually out of space (which I very much doubt) it is only five bucks a year to upgrade to a lot. Hope you get it worked out all right.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I was almost out so I got the upgrade 5 dollars a year with one of those picture do hickey places that I never go to. Picassa I think..I have tons of storage now. I didn't think that yours was a picture heavy least not like some..who put huge photos that take forever to load:)

lisa said...

I did upgrade to more memory!