Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am down in New Jersey and loving not having to do much except just sit and relax.  The good thing about having your kids almost grown is that they can be home alone and do the chores without having mom at home!   The only thing I don't like is they of course can never do things like I do them and I can be pretty picky sometimes!   They do a good job though.   I like having down time, and coming to see the hubby is my down time.  

Even though  I have to be the cleaning lady for a day, it is the price of not having to do the chores for a few days.  I can deal with that.  But ladies, have you ever had to clean a guys domain before, not fun!!  I am lucky and it looks like these guys know how to keep things picked up and they don't have much in this house being as they all have a real homes to go to on the weekends and so the only real thing they have down here is the bare essentials!  So, it is going to be fairly easy to clean.

They don't have much for food though.  I think I will have to hit the store tomorrow for some real food.
I got down here and decided that I really didn't want to drive anymore today so I didn't go anywhere once I got here, and I hate driving places in the busy towns that you have no idea where anything is and I am sorry but I probably could get lost in a paper bag!    The garmin is nice to have but it still is a pain in the rear to get around down here and the traffic is always bad, no matter what time of day you go out.  

City drivers are CRAZY!  My hubby calls me chicken and you know what, YES I AM!  Now I know why I do not ever want to live in the city.   It is not NEW YORK city but to me all these little towns are combined and you almost might as well be in NY city!  The hubby would disagree as he actually does have to go over into the city everyday and the traffic around here doesn't compare.  I don't care, it still is crazy people behind the wheel of all those millions of cars that go like a bat out of hell, no matter where they go they are in a hurry!

I guess I better quit ranting on about city drivers and let this post end on that note!  You all have a wonderful evening and just so you know, if you come to the city, let someone else do the driving, it is better that way.  I try my best to make the hubby do all the driving down here.  The only place I like to drive to is the grocery store, because that is the easiest place for me to get to.

Oh I mentioned rain at the top, well, it has been raining now for the last couple of days and I drove three hours in the rain to get down here.  Now isn't that even more fun!  I will take it, NO SNOW, is good.


5 Starr's Farm said...

Have fun!!! and stay off the roads if you can...LOL

Linda said...

I need to borrow me some kids I guess. Enjoy your time.

threecollie said...

You be careful down there! I would be twice as chicken as you are!

dennisranch said...

Oh, go out and hang with all the famous people in the city!~ ;-)

Crystal said...

Enjoy your vacation time.

I cant stop driving when I go somewhere cause i want to go out and see everything and if I dont drive I ussually dont get to go.

lisa said...

I don't go to far from the house and my favorite store is the grocery store they call shop rite! It is a great store!

DayPhoto said...

HAVE FUN! My time is coming soon!


CTG Ponies said...

I grew up in northern NJ and can totally related to the drivers :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm the same way about city driving. People are always so aggressive and in a hurry. I need time to think before I make decisions on what lane to choose and which direction to go. But then there is always someone who tries to block my way or zoom up to fast. Where do they come from?!

The drivers always look so grumpy and angry and stressed. They are quick to flip you off and honk at you if you don't do as they want you to.

Give me a country road any day. I always wave at folks on country folks. And they wave right back.