Monday, June 6, 2011

Garden time!!


Shirley said...

Big garden!

Mappy said...

Love that old tractor!! Thanks honey!!!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Thats some heavy duty garden tools there......LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's some dark rich looking soil you've got there. Our soil is hard-packed, dry and rocky (caliche soil) and it's virtually impossible to plant a garden right into the ground without big equipment to break up the hard-packed dirt. And unless you have a big garden it's not worth it...and who can afford to keep a garden that large watered here in our area?

I'm working on a 12' long raised bed with composted soil, and am praying that something will grow besides weeds.
I'll have to water the raised bed at least three times a day so the soil won't dry out. If only we could get some rain here.
We have community water, which is hard water and it's expensive.
Your garden is going to be really nice. Looking forward to all the updates.


lisa said...

yes it is but we decided that we won't need it all this year, it produced enough last year that this year I can take a break from all the canning and freezing! I just have few things to grow and most of it will be for consumption over the summer months!

I know you love the old tractors and you are very welcome!

It sure is and just think how fast it gets done ;-)

I can imagine how dry it is there, I have been out to Arizone and the states in between and have seen how dry it is. I think it has its own beauty but have to say that I prefer the climates we have better. Raised beds are a good idea and a lot of folks even do that here because it is a lot easier to fight the weeds that way but getting the frames set for that takes quite a bit and we haven't quite decideds to do that yet, maybe when we down size the gardens ;)