Monday, September 19, 2011

What Weekend?!!

It was a pretty busy weekend. I did our sweet corn, then it was off to can tomatoes. Then I spent more time on Algebra homework! I ask you"When will I ever use it again?" ! Out of all classes that is the one that is giving me a headache, 24/7! I think it took me over 2 hours to do a total of 17 questions! I will be totally glad when the end of 15 weeks get here and lets just hope I make it that long! That is when my first semester is done and off to a whole new set of courses!

I have wanted to go riding for the last week and I still have not found the energy or the time to take to be  with the horses! I think Annie and Sirocco think I forgotten about them! You will have to forgive me for the sparse posts. It will and is taking me sometime to get back into the school work mode again. It is not like I have been out of  school for the last thirty years! Sorry to keep harping on the school thing but I have to tell you that is the thing that is taking up most of my time. It will be worth it but just so you know I have not forgotten you all! I still take time to visit your blogs even if I don't take the time to comment!

I put up 27 quarts of tomatoes and 16 quarts of corn. Thanks to the lovely son, I did not have to do the picking all I had to do is the canning! The hubby mowed down the rest of our hay field, and it unfortunately is not going to make very good hay so we are leaving it lay for this year. I wish I would of thought of it sooner, I would of seen if anyone would of wanted free hay down in Texas, all they would of had to do is come get it. We have way to much hay for our facilities so a lot of it we end up leaving out in the field or putting it on hay wagons and letting it sit and feeding the livestock off of the wagons.

Hope you all have a good evening.
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Crystal said...

I dont blame you for not posting too often just starting back to school and all. I was saying to a friend the other day Im not sure if I could go back to work full time after living on the ranch and I am sure school would be more work, with studying and homework and stuff. I admire your courage.

Jinglebob said...

Dang. Could your sis in law use it? Might make good cow feed if they throw some protein with it!

Algebra! I hated it. They wanted me to show how I got the answer, not just the answer and I used my Dad's system,. A friend had trouble in high school with it until he just pretended it was like learning a foreign language and didn't pay any attention to the math part of it. Said it really helped him.

Shirley said...

Ugh, algebra! Almost as bad as chemistry and physics. Hang in there!
I need to figure out how to make tomato paste with all the Roma tomatoes I have rapidly ripening. And figure out how to get rid of the mole that moved in to my strawberry patch and is snacking on my carrots and beets. Grrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

As a young woman I wondered about algebra, but it was a challange, and I loved it. Geometry was a lot of memorizing and applying theorms etc. I loved that too, as I was lucky enough to have excellent teachers.
As an older woman, I did find use for algebra on my job as bookkeeper, and I have also used it to divide, or increase receipes as a cook and homemaker. Hang in there Lisa, look at it as a challenge and I am sure you will overcome! Love Mom

Far Side of Fifty said...

Just hunker down and embrace that Math.. (I hate Math too) your first semester will be over before you know it. If you have problems you can always ask the Instructor for a Tutor..they usually have them for FREE..they are kids in Work Study hired by the College. A group of us used one in a Soils Class ..we never would have passed that class without him:)