Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yes, yellow flowers that we saw when we went to the state park back home.

Rain again! Hopefully this time it knows when to quit and we don't have to worry about more flooding. Two of the roads that we travel on all the time around these parts have been closed because of flood damage and no opening in sight! Have had to go back roads up and over the mountains to get to school, which is OK for this time of year but when snow flies it will not be fun.

I guess that is an inconvenience I can handle! I would rather go out of my way than worry about trying to get a place to live in after the last one was taken from high powered water!

Hope you all have a great day!
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Christy said...

Rainy day at my house too. Cute little yellow flowers :) Have a great day!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Rainy day at my house, too. Really weird for this time of year in New Mexico. We can always use the rain, but in 17+ years of living here, I can't remember having rain this late into the season when monsoon season ended in August.

But it sure puts things into perspective, especially when the weather has been so crazy for so many this year.

Lovely photo.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Thanks for the offer of corn. I would have loved it, but with laundry and such i would have had no time to put it up.
Love you. Mom

Linda said...

We're needing a rain here but not as bad as some. Great photo.

Crystal said...

Pretty flowers, did you know what they are?

We havent had a rainy day in quite a while and Im afraid to get one now as it might just be snowy instead.