Monday, October 17, 2011

West View

This is the western view from the farm. It has been chilly here but not really all that bad. The winds have been blowing pretty good and a lot of the leaves have been falling fairly quickly. We all know that winter is fast approaching. We have been trying to get things buttoned up before snow flies but I don't think anyone is ever ready for that no matter how you try!

I have had a hard time getting out to the barn to get my weaving done and of course my deadlines are fast approaching also! I have 10 towels to get done and one table runner to get done before Christmas. Now that is a word I hate thinking about! Everyone around here wants a laptop computer and the hubby wants a gun safe. Sounds like a pretty darn expensive holiday to me!

Other than the normal day to day things, not a lot has been going on. Had company a week ago. He was up from the city and never been on a farm and we took him target shooting with the guns and then the hubby also showed him our forge and let him make his own thing, which was a letter opener. He bought a rug from me to take home to his apartment. It was a very nice visit.

Sorry about the posts being so far apart. The hubby would like me to post more often but I tell him homework has to come first! He has been great with all the changes that have been going on. He has been very patient with me, (good thing)! Hope you all are doing good and getting ready for the wonderful season of winter!
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Terry and Linda said...

With all you have to do, I don't see how you are getting ANY blogging done. But lucky me you are!

Good luck with your tests and my fingers are crossed for some weaving time.


Shirley said...

We're patient! Your schooling won't last forever, even if it seems like it now.
Nice view.

Crystal said...

Nice view. Sounds like you are pretty busy, but Im pretty proud of you to go back to school and keep up on your weaving!

lisa said...

Thank you and I love to blog and I also am really glad that I went back to school even if it is a lot harder than I thought!

Thanks, the view was one of those nice mornings when it was just a tad foggy.

I sure have been busy but it is going to be worth it in the end!