Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Cover

It snowed last night on the way to school and was a nasty ride home, slushy, which is worse than plain snow.   Try driving in slush that likes to throw you all over the road.  Of course then the wind decided that it needed to blow.  It was sunny this morning and not really all that much snow fell last night, but it was wicked windy and chilly.  Did I tell you that I really hate winter, about the time that the end of February hits!

The new calf is doing great, along with all the farm animals.  Other than that not much else is happening on the farm.  School is going fine so far, first test was an A and I have another one this Friday and then one Tuesday of next week.  I got up this morning not really wanting to go to school at 7 am and do step aerobics first thing in the morning, too much moving for me first thing in the morning. BUT I did it.

Did I tell you that I have more weaving work to do.  I have about four rag rugs to do now.  I will be busy this summer that is for sure.  I am glad.  I love to weave for people that appreciate something that is done by hand and not mass produced.

Hope you are having a good week.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I hate slushy roads too..better off being just snow..and cold! You did great on your rock! :)

Alouise said...

So glad you made it home saf last night. It was horrible the way the wind blew, but it did nearly clear the drive for us. i had to go for a blood test this AM and had no trouble getting out. Glad you did so well on your test. I will be jealous of your wonderful figure this summer if you keep up that step aerobics! Love Mom

Terry and Linda said...

The worst wreck are always on a slushy road with some stupid someone who wants to pass you and fling the stuff all over you and blind you because you can't see with a windshield full of snow!

I'm glad you got home safe!


Crystal said...

Will sure be nice when spring finally comes!

Willow said...

My chickens hate winter in February too, in fact I did a whole post on it last week lol
I appreciate that you are a weaver.
Hang in there Winter is ALMOST over.