Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not so, Wordless Wednesday

The hubby said I needed to take a picture of the moon, but as you can see, not such a great picture.  More snow fell last night another 3-4 inches and now they are calling for rain or sleet on top of that and 40 degree weather.  How crazy is that!

Sorry about the posts, I say I will do better then I get lax again, of course same excuse, school takes up all my time.  I am going to a seminar for Phi Theta Kappa this weekend gone Friday and Saturday will be hope late Saturday night.  I am actually looking forward to some quite and no pressure time!  I am only taking the computer with me and that is it.  (not really, I can't leave the school books)  I am running all A's so far in school.

The new baby calf is doing great, the next step is bucket breaking him, he is still on the bottle but this weekend hopefully that will change.  I leave that chore to the hubby, he is so good at it!

The hubby found that he has arthritis in his back and that the bulging discs aren't really that bad, they recommend physical therapy and shots.  (SHOTS) oh lovely!  I have to say that is better than having surgery!

How does everyone think about the immigrants being let loose and to just save money because they aren't going to have the government workers to take care of them.  I think what is next is maybe letting all the criminals loose too! Oh wait, they already are!

Have a great day.


threecollie said...

I was furious to read of the immigrant release. The president can choose where he cuts spending and he is choosing the most hurtful things he can. Way to go...just the right way to show your love for America.
Love your moon shot and congrats on the straight As. You are amazing girl!

Crystal said...

Sounds like you are busy again. Good job with the school, and I like the moon shot with the tree in it as well.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Shots..I hope they help. I think they call them Trigger points..yes it may helped my Mom with her bulging disks.
A weekend away..good for you..and awesome way to go girl on the grades!!
I have not watched the news in a few days..I must have missed something. I just went and read it..what a bunch of BS.. supervised release..soon everyone will be free and no one will have a gun. Those illegal immigrants should have been given a free ride home instead of held here for who knows how many years and then released..idiots we have running this country..:(

Linda said...

I'd be furious about that too. Hope the shots work for the hubby.