Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Stills (green)

The hubby has gotten the early garden bug.  As you can see, the plants are up and pretty green already.  I asked if he thought maybe he started just a tad too early.  We still have at least two months before things can be planted in the ground.  Then again, with the way the weather has been the last few years who knows?  The plant in the last picture is the plant that the hubby bought me when our daughter was born over 22 years ago!

I think all of us are ready to see lots of green!  Seeing these pictures will give us all itchy feet, whether it is to start gardens, do lots of horse back riding, field work or just smelling the fresh air of things growing!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


Terry and Linda said...

I haven't started anything yet...maybe the first week of April. We are still very cold. 2 above this morning when I got up. And only about 32* right now. One would think it was February and not March SIGH!!!


Crystal said...

I so should be starting some seeds, but now that I dont have a greenhouse with a heater that works I have less motivation.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have an anxious gardener! I can almost taste some tomatoes. You are a good plant caretaker 22!!:)