Monday, April 1, 2013

Sawing up again

From log to boards.   The guys are sawing up lumber for the running gear to make a hay rack.  Lots of logs to cut up before they have enough.  Then they will be sawing logs for the boards for our raised beds.  I will take pictures of the hay rack going up.  Tomorrow I will post more pictures of the sawing process first and I will hopefully have dimensions of the log and the boards when I talk to the hubby tonight.  I didn't think about getting the dimensions before I did the post.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!


Crystal said...

Oh how cool I always thought it would be neat to saw my own wood, but we have no trees so I guess I wont for a while.

Jeffro said...

Sawing logs into lumber is unfortunately not much of a farm activity around here!

Terry and Linda said...

This was really cool!