Saturday, April 13, 2013


This old tractor is our favorite toy..  the other day we were talking about all the old equipment and trucks that need to be taken to the junk yard; and decided that this tractor was going to stay in the family for awhile yet, that we aren't quite ready to get rid of it.

The nephew came by today and brought his fancy sports car and gave me a ride in it.  I told him after he has had it a while longer that I would love to take it for a drive myself!  I have to say though that I am still a truck kind of girl, give me a truck to drive and I will be happy.  I like my car but the day we get to go get a different and newer truck will be my day!

Hope you all are having a good weekend.


Crystal said...

Looks like a pretty good lawn ornament, does it run? My father in law fixed up a John Deere D, well almost fixed he was having trouble with it so he donated it to the museum in town and now he can go to use their shop to work on it and ride it in their parades.
I have to agree, I am a truck person, had to drive a car in Arizona and it seemed like I was so short in it, much prefer my truck.

lisa said...

It does run Crystal if we tow it with the other tractor the hubby can get it to pop off. I do drive a car because of gas being so expensive and I travel all the time to school and other places. But I so much prefer a truck. We did own two trucks at one point but decided we really didn't need two.