Thursday, May 30, 2013

Visit home

 My nephew playing T-ball, his mom had a hard time getting him to go play!
 This is the sunrise has we were leaving Illinois.
Dixon, Illinois the arch that you see as you go through town.  It is the home town of Ronald Reagan.   Didn't do too much while we were there.  Just visited with family and of course, Matt and I got sick as we were there so didn't really feel all the well to do much of anything else.  We did go out to a nice Mexican restaurant and  did get to order out my favorite pizza that has the best thin crust around (Manny's Pizza!).  When I go back home, that is one of the first things I do and that is go get my favorite pizza of all time.  They even make pizza ahead and freeze it now.  I just happened to bring home ten of them!  We also can't find good brats around here so we bought 20 lbs of fresh brats from the local meat processing plant and brought those home also!

We so wanted to get out to visit a couple of wonderful people in Wyoming and South Dakota, but funds just didn't allow us too this year and time was a big factor also.  I told the hubby that I will be saving tax money next year and that will be our vacation this time.  Sorry family but I will only be staying for one day and that is it!  I will be making it out west come He--- or high water!

Hope you have a wonderful day.


Terry and Linda said...

Trips are so nice...they break of everyday! I hope you are feeling better!


Far Side of Fifty said...

You had a good trip! Hopefully you will make it further next year:)

Crystal said...

I have so many places that I want to go see, if only time and money were not a factor! But sounds like a good trip home and hope you make it as far as you want next year.