Friday, July 26, 2013


The son found this little critter on the garage door this morning.  If you want to call him small, that is.

TGIF is what I am thinking, even though my week seems to run into the weekend also and just keeps on going.   As I am sure the rest of you agree.

Sun is shining and have to go get grocery's, do homework, register the boat trailer, do the laundry, try to get some weaving in, spend time with the horses, and let me see................oh, yeah, and did I tell you I HATE grocery shopping.

Have a wonderful day!


Crystal said...

eww dont like moths! My weekends are often quieter than the weekdays cause I try to stay home cause so busy everywhere else

callie brady said...

We get some big moths here in the forest too. They look powdery and soft. You are so busy. Lisa ... hope your day went well especially with no problems grocery shopping. I have checked over both of your blogs please tell me where I can find your email address. I feel so silly but I know there must be a place to fill out orders.

Terry and Linda said...

I used to love grocery shopping but not anymore. I don't know why, but I dread every moment of it!

Is that a Gypsy moth?