Thursday, July 25, 2013

South View

Not much going on here at the farm.  Curly is doing good, the other two steers are doing good. The horses are fine and the chickens, dogs, and cats!  Even the humans at the house are good.  The hubby isn't too happy about having to go down to Palm Springs, Florida in the summer, but I guess you go where the work is.  He will be down there for just a couple of weeks, and will be actually working out on the water!

I have one more week of my summer class that I had to take, then will have a month off of school before I go back for my last semester.  I still haven't decided if I will continue my education or stop at the associates degree, my Aunt tells me I should keep going, being as I am doing so good at my schooling! Decisions, decisions!

Hope you all are having a good week, and have a wonderful day.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Decisions, decisions..I think it depends on you have enough education to do what you want to do? Will the pay be any different if you go for the BA degree? What other classes would help you? Will you regret not finishing for the other degree? Wee now that I have asked all the ? you will have more to think about! ( If I had stayed in school I am certain I would still be degree after another and I would have taught at the college level..I loved the campus life and the kids..and most of the instructors..the campus has a whole life of it's own..I still miss it..especially in the fall:)

Crystal said...

I too loved college, but am glad I got out and got to actually do stuff with the stuff I learned there. And did not like any of the non hands on classes so while I learned a lot and sure coulda learned more (and sometimes wanna go back) I am glad I left and got a job and now get to live my schooling on the ranch here. (I took farm and ranch management)

threecollie said...

PALM SPRINGS!!!! Yowsa! Curly looks great. You guys must be doing a good job with him. glad you took him, so he has a good home.