Monday, July 15, 2013


We ended up with 190 bales of hay in the barn yesterday, didn't get up to the lake until after 6 Saturday.  Then the belt on the baler broke and no where to get a new one, had to order one the other day and they said we still won't have it for a couple of days.  In the mean time we have just under half a field of hay on the ground and rain in the forecast.  Called  our friend where we used to buy our hay from and he said he would come over and bale it up for us.  They will be round bales, so, we have to make another trip home to wrap them and get them up off the ground so they don't spoil.   Then one more trip up on Wednesday because the repair man will be here to fix the washer for me.  What a vacation!  We did spend a couple of hours on the lake this morning fishing and caught just a couple of Rock Bass and one sun fish.  But it sure was a great beginning to the day!

Had beans and fried tators on the outdoor fire last night with hot dogs and Kielbasa for supper.  Tonight is lasagna on the outdoor fire!  At least now the rest of the vacation we will be out on the lake a little longer each day!  If nothing else, I will be able to post for a few more days.


Terry and Linda said...

It always, and I DO MEAN ALWAYS, messes up when it haying season...rain, equipment, you name it!

Have fun fishing!!!


Jeffro said...

At least y'all are eatin' good!

Crystal said...

Boy that looks food! And hay always has to mess up everything!

lisa said...

Yes, but I quess, when you have animals and its hay season, you do hay when the weather permits!