Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Not much going on except for homework and trying to get a routine going now that I am back in school.   It has been hard getting that routine in place.  I sit down at the table and the next thing I know, 2 or more hours have gone by.  I even bought myself a timer so that I get up off the chair and move around some. 

The ponies are settling in pretty good.  I didn't think so a few days ago,  the pony has been crowding me and I don't put up with that.   I went into the stall to give them their grain and the pony decided that he was going to try to run over me.  I had the "carrot stick" it is actually called that, I used it to keep him back, I went to bend over and feed him and he lifted his head at the same time I came down and head butted me and needless to say I now have shiner!  My eye looks pretty!  Nothing like going to school with a black eye! (no I did not take a picture)

The weather is starting to turn a little colder now, we have had a couple of days get down in the 30's at night. 

I will try to get to all your blogs and see what you are up too, soon.  In the mean time, take care and I will catch up soon! 


Shirley said...

I can just see you in school explaining the shiner... "my pony head butted me" Bet nobody believes you!

Crystal said...

Haha typical pony behavior! I'm sure they will come around in no time, but you shoulda taken a pic!

Terry and Linda said...

I've been head butted by q cow and boy does it hurt!