Saturday, January 4, 2014

Charlie Brown

Today was the day to take down the tree.  We always love to make our Charlie Brown christmas tree during the process.  We did the same thing last year.  I started yesterday with taking down decorations around the house and taking off the rest of the ornaments off the tree.  Now Christmas is put away until the end of this year.   Hope you are having a good day.

It was pretty darn cold here this morning.  A balmy -10 degrees, it is supposed to get to a whole 20 degrees today which is better than what we started out with.  This has been a pretty darn weird winter so far, and it doesn't bode well for the rest of the winter! We  have around 9 inches on the ground so far, and we are supposed to get some freezing rain starting tomorrow night into Monday.

Hope you are staying warm if you live in a state that has snowy, cold, winters.


Terra said...

Your Charley Brown tree is a cutie. Stay warm, dear friend. It will reach 65 or so where I live in California. We are concerned about drought if it doesn't rain A LOT!

CDH said...

Oh BRRRRR! We have been warm! In the upper 30's to low 40's. Mid 20's at night. No snow and blue skies. Been very unusual. And no moisture. yet.
Stay warm! (easy for me to say). :)

Crystal said...

I like the Charlie brown tree! cold here too today was -31*C but supposed to warm up tomorrow, I hope it does forever Im tired of cold

Terry and Linda said...

I love your header! Is that right out your door?