Monday, January 6, 2014

Pretty Picture Monday

Our Amarillas has bloomed.  It sure brings color to this dismal weather!  I can't believe we are having 40 degree weather and when the ground was covered in at least 9 inches of snow is now down to seeing lots of grass in places!  We also have wind chill advisories in effect starting tonight into tomorrow morning!  Talk about Mother Nature not knowing what she wants to do.  I have to say that I sure feel bad about some of these places that are down below -20 degrees!  I am not going to complain too much about having -5 when those poor people are having -59 degrees!

What about that global warming?!  Have a good week.


Terra said...

I see you like Amaryllis too; I also posted photos of two of ours. They add spice and liveliness to the room don't they?
I have studied climate and call global warming "joke science." Antarctica used to have palm trees and crocodiles (fossils are there), climate has always changed.
Keep warm!

CDH said...

Wow - that sure does add some color. Very pretty.
Oh I feel so bad for the people with the temps in the negative category! We have been having splendid weather here. Near 40 during the day. Upper teens at night and clear blue skies. They say that's suppose to change and maybe a little rain? Who knows.
Yea, global warming my arse!

Far Side of Fifty said...

very pretty and a touch of warmth during the cold! It is -28 here now at 6:30 PM our time. :(

Crystal said...

Oh that sure does add some color! I love your header pic, it sure looks pretty but cold!

Terry and Linda said...

My favorite flower for winter! Would you put a follow along by email button on your site? I would love to know whenever you do a post.