Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weaving: Lesson #2





After the warp is wound, I have to take it off and put it on the loom.  I have been winding the warp by myself.  So, I have to put it through the loom from back to front then over the top of the loom so that I can hold the warp with tension while winding it onto the back of the loom.  1.  The warp is going from the back to the front. 2. You can see the warp going through the loom, I have to clear a path so that the warp doesn't get caught on the heddles and the last warp. 3. This is the back of the loom, you can see that the warp is attached to what is called the leash sticks.  These keep the threads and inches in order as I wind the warp onto the loom. 4. The warp is attached to the leash sticks, and the apron in the back of the loom and then you can see a board with nails that the threads are going through in the front of the loom, this is called the rattle, it keeps the inches in order and the warp spread out while winding it onto the loom in the back.  If you look at the last lesson, you saw some red threads that were tied to the warp at the cross, these are markers that tell me how many inches I have wound and they also help me keep the inches in order for when I have to put them into rattle on the loom.  5.  You can see where the warp is going through the loom and then over the top of the loom back to the back of the loom.  I hold onto the threads and there is a handle on the other side of the loom that I use to wind the warp onto the loom.  You can click on the picture to get a better idea on how the warp is attached to the loom, it is going through lease sticks then is also attached to the apron of the loom, when I wind the apron will go around the beam at the back of the loom.  I did 6 yards of warp.  I will have more tomorrow on the process.

Hope you are having a good week so far.  Take care.


Willow said...

That definitely takes talent and expertise ~ I am impressed !

Terry and Linda said...

WHEW!!! I am all thumbs, just looking at all this makes me know I would make a huge mess of everything!!!

♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

Shirley said...

Looking at picture #2, do you have to separate each thread into it's own slot where those long wire type things hang down? (Forgive my lack of proper terminology!) Looks like a lot of work!