Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Things are starting to green up and look like spring in the pond area.   We have a lot of cleanup to do around the pond and the yard.  The hubby and I was discussing about taking out some of the old pond and making it bigger.  The waterfall started leaking last year.  We decided that it was time do something different with it this year.  We have  lot of invasive plants that are taking up the whole area, so we are going to rip them out and hopefully keep them from spreading again. (black-eyed Susan's, irises, bunching onions, etc.)

I have all yellow irises, and we stopped at the sister-in-laws and she was so nice and gave us some purple ones!  She also gave us some garlic chives, I have just the regular ones.   I also bought some new flowers to plant around the outside of the pond area!

We went out yesterday (the hubby, son and I)  and did some skeet shooting with the 12 gauges!  I had never did skeet shooting and never shot a 12 gauge shotgun before either.   I started out not hitting any of the birds, but by the time I got onto my third set of shells, I was finally hitting the birds.  The hubby told me what I was doing wrong, then I got the hang of it and started hitting them!   I think that is one sport the we will be doing a lot more often!   The hubby told me to start buying ammo every week so that we can go out and do skeet shooting on the weekends.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter and weekend.


threecollie said...

Hey, congratulations on hitting those clays! That is hard. And it was nice to see you guys. Happy Easter

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Easter! I love to shoot skeet we sometimes go to the neighbors. I need my own shotgun and have looked at several, I am leaning toward a youth size because they are lighter for old women with bad shoulders. I think it is a wonderful sport!
Chives will reseed all over so be careful with their blooms ..cut the flowers off. I have seen simple chicken wire baskets homemade to keep pond plants in check:)

Shirley said...

You must have limits on how much ammo you can buy at one time?
Spring has sprung all over now, it's about time! We need to mow our lawn for the first time this season, and my flower beds need cultivating. This valley has a lot of fruit trees, and the blossoms are starting to open now. :)

Terry and Linda said...

You are really cool...I've never shot a shotgun...ever! Although, Terry does...shooting! I am not adverse to it either, just have never done it.