Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Old but new

This bench has been sitting in the basement then in the garage for quite some time.   The hubby finally put it together this weekend and we put it out by the pond.   I haven't decided for sure where I will put it.   We have decided to redo the pond and I have other outdoor furniture that I put in the same place.

Today Sirocco has been taken to his new home for a month or so.  I am hoping that he will come back a ride able horse that I can feel safe on.  I will be going to visit him quite often being as he is only about 10 minutes away!   The first time he was taken to training, the lady was an hour away and I was working full time.  Which made it very hard to spend time at the trainers, so that I could watch and learn how they worked with him.   This time I have the time and I can go watch and learn and Brian is going to take him out on trail rides to get the time put in the saddle on him.   He is also a lot cheaper than the last time.    The ground work has been done now it is time for the saddle time.   Brian just happens to be 20+ years younger than I am, so if he gets bucked off, he will come back a lot better than I would!  Once was enough for me!  Or should I say the fourth time would be!

Have a great day.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Great will be riding before long! :)