Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Awe, isn't that sweet?  Jake loves to play with cats, that is if they like him!  We have a new cat, her name is Leia, and she is a Mainecoon.  (I still have my doubts but we shall see.)  My daughter saw the ad on facebook.  I have wanted a Mainecoon for quite some time, after I had seen one that my friend had!  She is 6 months old and is the size of my other house cat that is around 5 years old already!   She is a talker, which can be a pain, but she is a sweetheart.

It is going to be a busy week.  Getting ready for camp next week.  We are all excited about that.   One of the greatest thing we look forward to all year.  I won't be blogging that week, seems that when I try to schedule blog posts ahead of time, they don't seem to post for me.  So, I will have to catch you up the following week.

Hope you have a great day!


Terry and Linda said...

Oh! That is sweet!

Happy Birthday to you Hubby!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like the dog shares well:)

Crystal said...

Aww how cute :) Sounds like hes gonna be a big cat though. And Im not a fan of talkers, ours lives outside and he still talks a lot.

Have fun camping :)

kathy b said...

adorable picture. Our deaf cat Radar used to sleep with our golden HUCK. I hope they are in heaven together