Wednesday, December 10, 2014


December is here along with the snowy weather.  We really haven't gotten a lot of snow as of yet.  I wouldn't be too upset if we happen to get some for Christmas.  Would it be to much to ask to get it for Christmas day then melt right after  :-)  I don't think mother nature will want to go along with my plan.

Now, how many of you have your Christmas tree up?  I am sorry to say, but ours isn't yet.  We are hoping to get it up this weekend.  We were going to get it last weekend, but the time just got a way from us.  I am actually ahead of the game this year.  I have most of my Christmas shopping done.  I have just a few things to buy.

Not really a whole lot to say.  Life is pretty much the same old boring stuff.  So, I will just leave things as they are.

Hope you are happy and healthy!

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Terry and Linda said...

Your header is outstanding...although I'm not looking forward to snow I know we need it for water.