Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday's thoughts

Hard to believe that it is Thursday already.  I think that the time just goes too darn fast.  I think I am going to sit down and write myself a bucket list.   There are quite a few things that I would love to do before my time on this earth is over.  When the hubby and I came down to NJ on Monday night; we saw a bad accident where one of the cars was upside down on the guardrails.  The accident had to of happened right before we got there, because there were no cop cars or emergency vehicles at the crash site when we came upon the accident.  It makes you really realize how short life can be. 

I figure that I should enjoy life to the fullest while I can.  I am always worried about money, how my house looks if someone comes over, how the yard looks to other people, and the list goes on.  Do I really worry about the most mundane things?  I sometimes think I do, but it is a lot harder to let those thoughts go out of my brain.   I should really just enjoy the time I have.  I think about the short time that my dad has left and realized that life is just too precious to really be worried about the small stuff. 

So, now on to my bucket list.  I won't tell you what is on it, but I will tell you, that I think everyone should have one and try to make it happen!   Enjoy life, and enjoy those precious moments that are left, with the ones you love most, because your loved ones or you won't always be around.


Crystal said...

I made up a bucket list many years ago and forgot about it. I think it was a college project or something. I found it a year or so ago and was surprised there was stuff on there that was done! Of course a few things have changed and I am always adding to it ;)
Life is definitly too short to worry about mundane things. But we are human and thats what we do best.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I should probably revisit my bucket list! I am sorry to hear that your Dad is having health problems.
I am anxious to see what is on your list:)

A. Montgomery said...

You are so right Lisa. Too soon we get old, too late we get smart!

Shirley said...

Yes, treasure every moment, even the tough ones. I don't have a lot of things on my bucket list.