Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hungry or Impatient

Thunder is always very impatient when it comes to being fed.  I actually take the carrot stick(another word for a whip that really is not a whip) with me when I do feeding, so that he stays out of my personal space.  He would otherwise run right over me to stay out of the other horses way, and to get to the feed pan first!    He stands at the gate and fence stomping his hooves just to get my attention!

The snow storm is over and we probably have around 12 to 14 inches on the ground, with  another 2-4 inches on the way Thursday.

Hope you have a great week.  Now it is back to doing book work for taxes.


Far Side of Fifty said...

He is pretty cute...just is confused as to who is boss:)

Terra said...

Feeding time sounds like an adventure.

Shirley said...

Good for you - nothing worse than a pushy equine even if they aren't very big! Way too much snow though!

Terry and Linda said...

He's cute. The TUMMY RULES!

Linda ❤⊱彡