Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still Cold

Even the birds don't like being out in the deep freeze!

Down in NJ this week.  It was time to clean the house and just enjoy a few days of peace and quiet.  Catching up on paper work, and getting organized for this years new expenses and income (if any).  I am going to do some craft fairs this year and hopefully make a go of the weaving.

By tomorrow, I will be ready to go home and go back to the old grind.  I don't mind getting away once in a while, but once Friday gets here I am ready to hit the house.  I now know, why the hubby hates going anywhere when he gets home on Friday nights.  To think he usually spends the whole week all by himself, boring (when he isn't working and sleeping).

The cold is still with us and the snow.  The cold is supposed to break a little bit come Sunday and into next week.  Just into the 20's and maybe the low thirties.  Better than the single digits and below zero.

Have a great night.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Cold here too, hope you warm up soon, enjoy the rest of your time away! :)