Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good Morning

Not much happening the last few days.  It has been nice not having any appointments, that I had to go to.  I have actually been able to stay home and get some stuff done.  Today is the day to do some picking in the garden.  I will be weeding between the plants, and then picking some strawberries, onions, and radishes (that have probably grown the size of a golf ball)!   I did some weaving yesterday.   Monday, I took the day off because I had to recoup after hauling rock Sunday.  After I do the garden, I will be doing more weaving and I have to go get feed for the animals and then maybe some flowers to hang around the patio area.  I have been thinking about getting paint, that will refinish the porch.  So that, I can get rid of the carpenter bees, and then put my houseplants outside.

Lots to do, and where to begin is the thing.  Seems to always be things to be done, and trying to decide what should take precedence over the other.

Hope you have a great day.


Shirley said...

Sheesh, you give yourself a day off and all you do is come up with more work ideas!
Carpenter bees? We get carpenter ants, are they the same thing? Body like an ant but with wings?

Crystal said...

Yikes more and more busy. Always something to do in the summer isnt there?