Saturday, June 13, 2015

Storm clouds

Thunderstorm and tornado warnings and watches were out last night.  The clouds were just a churning, faster than you thought they could move.   We got some down pours but not serious winds or damage.  Other counties weren't so lucky.  We heard of power outages around us.  Not even 5 miles away they said that the weather could produce tornadoes that you should go to the basement.

Today is bright and sunny.  Tomorrow night, the rain is back in the forecast.  I hope now that the rain has come that it knows it can stop for a while.  It usually seems to go from one extreme to the other.

Have a great weekend.


A. Montgomery said...

Looks real scary. Our clouds were not so bad, but we had lots of rain and lightning and the power went out three times. The last time lasted over an hour but finally came back on. All is fine now.
Love, Mom

threecollie said...

Nice photos! It sure was a wild night.

Crystal said...

We had a pretty god storm here the other night as well. No tornadoes though fortunalty. Are you in a tornado area? I wouldn't like that at all.