Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Corn, we found corn that just didn't want to be separated, corn that decided that it wanted to pollinate from the top down or (is that vise versa)?  Any how, we ended putting up 42 quarts of sweet corn this weekend.  Thank you, Uncle Rich for the lovely corn.  We now have plenty to get us by for the winter months!

The guys worked on getting one of our sheds cleaned out (only because they needed it for their engines!).  While they did that, I worked on getting our new motor home cleaned.  Have to go through and get rid of some mold from it sitting for so long without use.   It is coming along well, I am going to finish doing the cleaning today then the hubby is going to take it to have our mechanic go through it and make sure it is road worthy.  I will have pictures in the next couple of days.

I really have to get to weaving, it seems like things take me away from it way too long.  I will have to start going to the barn early and not leaving until late.  That way no interruptions!  (I have no phone out there!)

Have a great day.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Something interrupted the pollination! I froze about 40 servings...I lost count...I was so tired of corn but next winter it will be good:) A motorhome...better for you to go to Steam Engine Shows! :)

Crystal said...

Haha funny corns. But yum yum corn for winter :) We have to buy ours but we did and boy I sure been enjoying it and put some up for winter too, including corn cob jelly not sure how that will taste but was interesting.